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MPUP School,P G P


Public School


Educational Institutions




State Board


Boys and Girls


Pedda Guvala Palli, Andhra Pradesh 515123, India




Pedda Guvala Palli


Pedda Guvala Palli


Andhra Pradesh


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About MPUP School,P G P | Pavagada

The MPUP School,P G P provides facility of classes to students from nursery to 10th class.The MPUP School,P G P organizes an annual function for all classes every year which the students must participate.The MPUP School,P G P provides admission to the students of Nursery to 10th class The MPUP School,P G P provides the facilities like extracurricular workshops, libraries, halls, games equipment, assembly area and proper sanitation facilities, etc.The MPUP School,P G P play a dominant role, competing in every activity offered. We are well respected for excellence in our quality of student-athletes, both on the playing field and off.The students will be able to make a valuable contribution to both our society and our country. Kindergarten students play in a safe and secure environment, designed especially for the enjoyment and capabilities of young children. The area is equipped with a variety of outdoor play equipment.The keen focus on our students, commitment to quality and dedication to continuous improvement empowers our students to handle whatever life may throw at them. According to our interests, we are encouraged to participate in Arts & Crafts, NSS, Scout etc., and become members of various Clubs and Associations. Medical Teams and Psychologists visit us regularly to aid our holistic growth.
• Spacious hall
• Music and Art Class
• Leadership Cultivation
• Health Care, Medical check up
• Group Discussion, Creative, cultural and Sports Activities
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